The Grogans

The Grogans

Following the release of their third single of 2023 ‘I Cannot Read Your Mind’ and announce of fourth studio album ‘Find Me A Cloud’, The Grogans are jumping back on the road for their second tour of UK/EU this October/November.

‘I Cannot Ready Your Mind’ was released on 17 August, following the band’s June single ‘I’m Not Sure’ and May single ‘Nowhere To Be’.

Genre-fluid outfit The Grogans are one of Australia’s hardest working young bands. Forming in 2018 whilst in high school, the Melbourne/Naarm trio haven’t stopped since, releasing 3 EPs ‘Cacteyed’, ‘Twangs n Cans’ and ‘Grogan Grove’, and 3 albums in ‘Just What You Want’, ‘Day To Day’ and most recently ‘Which Way Is Out’. Each release has seen the genre-hopping trio showcase their musical ability, touching on blues, surf and garage rock as well as maneuvers in punk and psych.

The next release ‘Find Me A Cloud’, sees the band exploring a sonic-theme drenched in nostalgia, which can’t quite be put in the same category of their recent older releases.

The Grogans have supported an array of Australian & international acts including Ocean Alley, WAVVES (US), Hockey Dad and The Chats as well as sharing festival line-ups with Franz Ferdinand, Los Bitchos and The Teskey Brothers.

The band have completed a plethora of Australian & New Zealand tours which have included sell out shows at The Croxton in Melbourne, Crowbar in Sydney, The Brightside in Brisbane, Lion Art’s Factory in Adelaide, Badlands in Perth and more as well as appearances at national and international festivals including Your & Owls (NSW), Wanderer Festival (NSW), NYE on the Hill (VIC), Dauwpop Festival (NL), London Calling (NL), Beast Of A Feast (NZ),  NinchFest (VIC) among others.

More recently, the band have just wrapped up a Winter tour or regional AUS, selling out shows around the country, playing on Splendour In The Grass and supporting Ruby Fields & Beddy Rays at Miami Marketta in the Gold Coast, upon returning from their first UK/EU tour following the release of their newest single and selling out shows in England, France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

While in New Zealand for this tour, the band will be supporting Ocean Alley for their show at Spark Arena in Auckland.

With the year starting to round out already, the band still have plenty up their sleeve to bring 2023 home.

‘I’m Not Sure’ is a simple track about some common struggles surrounding everyday life that I believe all age groups and all people feel. Uncertainty is okay and in some cases it leads to great things, you just have to step back and let it happen.’ – The Grogans

‘Nowhere to Be’ turns the bitterness from pent up feelings into an upbeat guitar riff filled track, rich with The Grogans rock influences and melodic hooks. ‘Ever had nothing to do but still have endless tasks to achieve. Ever had nowhere to be yet your still late for something? Being cut in front of in a line or snaked out in the surf? You can’t decide to leave or to stay. Nowhere to be is a track of the pure frustration, day to day nothingness and the agitation of being restless mentally and physically.’ – The Grogans