+ special guest Platon Karataev

In the mid zeros three friends met at the University of Iceland, drawn together because of their shared taste of music and passion for vocal harmonies. Several years, countless tours and seven albums later Daniel, Gunnar & Ragnar are more akin to brothers and together they share a special chemistry that is the the bedrock of Árstíðir’s unique music.

Always a touring band Árstíðir has traversed the northern hemisphere from Siberia to San Diego and from Svalbard to Zagreb, singing all the way. One such moment got memorialized in 2013 when a friend of the band caught them singing in a train station in Germany in the middle of night. The video quickly went viral and the song – the oldest known nordic hymn – has been a staple on the band’s concerts ever since. 

Throughout the band’s history Árstíðir has had a special relationship with its listeners, and the band’s devoted patreons have come through for the band time and time again, helping them to crowdfund more than half of the band’s discography. But it is at concerts that this special relationship becomes most evident. 

This will undoubtedly become evident once again as the band prepares to hit the road in April of 2022 for the Moments In Time tour.